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Suya Dharisanam (Autobiography of Siddha Rajkumar Swami)

Suya Dharisanam
(Autobiography of Siddha Rajkumar Swami in Tamil)

Young Siddha Raj Kumar Swami met his Guru when he was 24. Then he was a film director in South India. In his autobiography he narrates his experiences with his Guru Kagapujanda as well as his Kundalini experience and his trips to sacred hills. This book tells us how a young film director was transformed into a great Siddha Purusha. This book is published in Tamil (paperback)
Price- 36 Euro, or 50 US Dollars or 65 Singapore Dollars.
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Siddha Raj Kumar Swami’s book is published in

Title page
Suyadharisanam Tamil (Autobiography of Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji)


Suyadharisanam Photographs from the Book (Tamil)

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Suyadharisanam Tamil (Autobiography of Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji)

Jai Guruve Thunai

A spiritual, medicinal and monthly magazine.

Siddha Bajan by Siddha Rajkumar Swami

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Feed Elephants Sugar cane on Mattu Pongal

Every January on the day of Thai Pongal (16/01/2011) Siddha Raj Kumar Swami takes lorry loads of sugarcane to Top Slip in Pollachi, South India to feed the elephants in the hills. Raj Kumar Swami’s Maha Siddhargal Trust distributes blankets, sarees, children’s garments, school supplies and siddha medicinal oil –Sanjeevani oil- tooth power, leheyam to thousands of tribal who live in Top Slip. The secret behind visiting these sacred hills is that two of the great Siddhas – Vilayatu Siddha and Vimala Siddha – have attained ‘Jeeva Samadhi’ – (a state of existence in which they have no physical form) in these hills.
“The significance of feeding sugarcane to an elephant is that if you feed an elephant its favorite – sugar cane with lots of love, at 12 noon on a Friday it will remember you the next day at noon. If you feed the elephant next three days, it will remember you next year on that date. If you do not come that year to feed the elephant it will pray to God asking him to send you with sugar cane”.

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Realizations of Mathaji Radha

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NASA Reports confirm Siddha’s prediction of a possible Apocalypse

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Hidden Secrets of Siddha

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Ganesha! The wandering Lord (Paradesi Vinayagar) Video

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Shiva! Lord of Forgiveness (Kuttramporutheeswarar) Video

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Temple of Siddha in Kalarampatty

Mahakumbapishekam of Paradhesi Vinayakar (Anukoolama Munivar) Temple

Kalarampatti is located on the Thurayoor – Perambalur highway in Tamil Nadu, South India. Siddhas lived in the hills that surround the village Kalarampatti. One such Siddha was Anukoolamamunivar who was an incarnation of Kagapujandar. Anukulamamunivar lived one-thousand three hundred years ago in this location and built a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha (Paradhesi Vinayakar Temple). The Lord here has eight mice as his vehicle to signify protection of the eight directions. Panja Pandava visited this temple during the period of their exile while they were forced to be disguised.

This temple has recently been renovated by Siddha Raj Kumar Swami with the support of the trustees and members of his Maha Siddhargal Trust. Raj Kumar Swami conducted the consecration ceremony of this temple on the 25th of March, 2010.

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Kundalini Awakening by Siddha Raj Kumar Swami Video

Kundalini Awakening by Siddha Raj Kumar Swami

Kundalini Awakening by Siddha Raj Kumar Swami
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Divine Encounter

Siruvachoor Madhurakali

This happened in the first week of February 2008. I was traveling in a car with Annai Siddhar Raj Kumar Swami and a retired senior Government officer. The officer’s brother-in-law was driving the car and we were on our way to Raj Kumar Swami’s Kolli Hill farm on Thuraiyoor road. There were two garlands and lots of fruits in the car that we were to offer to the Goddess at a temple. We stopped at a shrine and Swami told me to get out of the car, enter the shrine, and light a lamp. Swami was seated at the back of the car, constantly talking to the retired officer who was traveling with us. While we were in the car, we passed a tree under which a lady was seated. The moment I saw the lady I felt very strange and simultaneously, the Swami told the driver to stop the car. Swami gave me the two flower garlands and told me to put them on her neck. He also told me to stay at a distance while adorning her. I faithfully took the two garlands, went close to her and placed them on her neck. The lady did not look very young or very old. She was wearing a faded saree and had too many bags around her. The unusual circumstance of her case was how she was expected to move while carrying them around. She did not display any emotion facially while I garlanded her. When I returned to the car, Swami told me to give her some fruit. I took a handful of fruits and left it near her. While giving the fruit, my fingers accidentally touched hers. As I got into the car, I told Swami that my fingers touched hers. He said that I should be careful as it was not proper to touch enlightened ones. Swami asked me, “Do you know who it is?” Then he said, “She is Madhura Kali of Siruvachoor.”

Swami added, “We need not go to the Goddess’s temple as she already accepted our flowers and fruits”.

Every moment of my life was a learning experience for me in India. I honor the presence of each human being in this world whether it is a man or woman irrespective of who they are and what they are.

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