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  1. so nice and great Mathaji Radha.
    thrilling to go thro your webpage.
    thank you so much.
    wishing to receive more amd more

  2. reg manefesting objects out of air I too have a varied opinion but unable to conclude a line. Putaparthi Sri Saibaba is well known to perform miracles. Even though is very popular now and has a huge global followers he still does miracles and bring our objects like rings, vibhuthi etc though initiallay it was said “to make people attract / build faith in Him such things were performed like.
    I have read during battles like between Lord Rama and Ravana and in Kurukshethra wars weapons were obtained from air at times which were used on enemies.
    But what Our ancient sasthras and scriptures say on this? Kind regards

    • Sir, I am sorry for misguiding you to leave your comment on the contact page. Hereafter please leave your comment for the article you are interested in, on that page itself.

      Reply to your comment.
      I am not a good scholar of ancient scriptures. I think instead of manifesting objects that serve limited purposes; a saint should manifest love and compassion in a human heart. That would be a great miracle.

      • Good.That is very fine. But i think if miracles are performed on the needy with that what he/she needs, is that not to be respected.

  3. nice blog and wish you for the future…. and of course, i am a devotee of gayathri siddha murugesu…..

  4. welcome chamlymarlan. i am drsundaram from bangalore, India. i am close follower to Mathaji Radha becos of whom have come to know much about Sidhdhars.

  5. Divine Encouter is a great reading.
    My wife’s kula devatha is Madhura kali ambal. she was very thrilled to read that so also myself.

  6. vere nice to read.Great service mathaji is doing. Please keep contributing Mathaji. jai gurave thunai.

  7. Dear Mathaji,
    Thank you for your sharing. We are also devoted to the Siddhas and have enjoyed your website and blog. We live in Tiruvannamalai and hope to meet you and the Siddhas you speak of some day.
    Ganganath and Tara Leela

  8. Pls let me know how to reach Brammarishi hills from chennai

  9. Pls let me know how to reach Brammagiri hills from Chennai

    • Brammarishi Hills is located in Elambalur which is 5 K M from Perambalur. Perambalur is on the Chennai – Trichy Highway (five hours from Chennai)

  10. Guruji,

    I know your spritual power, Already you know who am I,

    Basically I came from Christian family. But I am eagar to learn and do the yoga from sidhargal.If you think I am eligible become your student. please mail me:,

    Sorry, I don’t know english very well, if i am writing anything in the page please forgive me.

  11. Dear Mathaji,

    My name is Indra and I’m from Klang, Selangor Malaysia. Dear Mathaji, I have watched the youtube of Siddhar Raj Kumarji of Brammarishi hills which touched on the topic of solar storm. Some of the natural disaster’s activities already we witness it and according to him we will move to golden era’s which 3/4 of world will vanish in fire and water. No current for 16 years which we have to live in dark. Salt will poluted etc. How can I help those people who are unaware on this and ignorance. Where shall we look for shelter and how to overcome this. What are the aspect that we have to look into. How to safe our family, friends and all beings on universal. How to keep them safe. May be I’m an ordinary human without any knowledger but we are running out of time. I feel that every human owe to nature and we need to help each other.

    Thank you.

    Pls post me at or

    • You are wise. You ask for solution. The only solution is to invite more and more divine grace in to our lives so that we and our family members will be protected. How to do this? Siddhars say (since time is short) to feed and cloth people who do not have it. By doing this they will give you more grace that otherwise take many years to receive. The people who receive alms or charity from you should be truly deserving it.
      Are you a Hindu? Then in the morning between 4 am to 5.30 am and in the evening between 5.30 pm and 7 pm light a lamp facing the East and chant ‘Siddhars Manthra’ which can be downloaded from the ‘about’ page of my blog This is a very powerful mantra. The rest of the day you can chant ‘Om Jai Guruve thunai’. This mantra attracts lots of divine energy. Whatever your religion may be ‘joint prayers’ with your family members and friends is recommended by the Siddhars.

  12. Annai Siddhar,
    We would like to have visits to all 18 siddhar’s Jeeva Samadhi. We request your kind help by bringing us to the places. Is it possible that we could meet you and discuss about this on 13th or 14th February 2012. We are coming from Malaysia. Hope to get reply from you. You may mail us at Thank you in advance.

  13. dear swamiji,
    i need some advice from can i donate some money for the cows trust. i really need the pasu and the kannu kutti’s blessing for my family.

  14. pranam swamiji,
    can i and my daughter get raj kumar swami’s blessing and some of his own spirutual words.
    thank you

  15. Hi,

    Is there a place to stay in Brahmharishi hills?? Can we get a tour guide?? How far is it from Palani temple/Kodaikanal?? Pls write to me on:

  16. Hello Sir / Madam,

    If God and all Shiddhar’s wishes I want to do and contribute for Pooja. Please let me know how i can do so.

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Dear Mataji,
    Humble pranams and really delighted to read this. I have just started taking interest in these spiritual matters and would really love to come to Bramashri hills and have darshan of siddhars. Please advise and provide your blessings for the same.

    Best Regards,

    • You are welcome to visit Brammarishi Hill. We do have a devotee in Singapore who can guide you to visit Brammarishi Hill.

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