Daily Activities

Daily Activities

The temple in Brammarishi Hills was dedicated to Lord Ganesh (Selva Maha Vetri Ganapathy Temple). Ritual ablution (abishekam) is done in the morning and poojas are conducted three times a day. Siddha yagna (fire pooja) is conducted, chanting the 210 names of all the Siddhas, three times a day.

Gomatha Pooja is conducted every Tuesdays, Fridays and on special days (Full moon, Amavasai, and Pradhosham).

In the honor of Mahathma Gandhi, rice porridge is served in the morning and prasad meal is offered in the evening for not less than hundred members each time. Sadhus are given alms on Tuesday mornings and on special days.

If you want to participate in the pooja and sacred activities, please give your name, star on you are born and state your problems if you have any. Poojas and prayers will be done in favor of you and your family and Holy Prasad will be mailed to you.

Whatever you offer will be accepted towards these activities. You can send US dollars or Indian rupees.

Please contact us: brahmarishimalaikagamuni(at)gmail.com or mathajiradha(at)gmail.com


Siddha Raj Kumar Swami visits Top Slip in Pollachi, Suruli Hills, Pothigai Hills, Nambi Hills, Kalahasthi Hills, Kolli Hills, Sadhuragiri Hills, and Theerthamalai near Thiruvannamalai every year. The secret behind visiting these sacred hills is that the caves where the Siddhas meditated are found here. Please contact us if you want to join him to visit these sacred hills.

Shiva Devotees!
The first Kaganeswarar Temple (Kagapujanda- Annai Siddhar – Eswarar) is being built in Brammarishi Hills. (Kagapujandar is the oldest of all the siddhas. Annai Siddhar is the name given to Siddha Raj Kumar Swami by the most powerful deity in Kolli Hills – Kolliyampavai)

It is a rare opportunity for us to enter the world of Siddhas and be part of the construction of this temple which is built according to the specifications of siddhas and rishis. It is believed that Lord Shiva can burn our karma into ashes. This temple is being built to remain thousands of years. This temple project is partially completed. Contact: brahmarishimalaikagamuni(at)gmail.com

Deepavali Celebration at Brammarishi Hills (26-10-2011)

Kaganeshwarar Temple Kumbapishekam on July 8th, 2012

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