Special Poojas


210 Siddhas – 210 Days – 210 Persons

With the blessings of Annai Siddha Rajakumar Guruji, 210 siddha yagna – sacred fire ritual will be performed consecutively for 210 days. Each day a specific Siddha will be honored. This yagnas will be from 31st of July to February 25th 2020.
You can sponsor this yagna if you are interested. The benefits of sponsoring this yagna is that you receive direct blessings from Siddhas/Rishis who live in their astral bodies. (To know more about the siddhas, please read – Compassion is Divine Service, Autobiography of Annai Siddha Rajakumar Guruji available at Amazon)
It is preferred that the sponsor attends the yagna directly. If not prasad will be mailed.

Only those who sponsor and participate in the yagna will be enrolled in ‘Maha Siddha Prayar Group’. A form has to be filled out to join this group. The benefits of joining this group will be shared soon. The cost of performing this yagna is $ 100.
+ 91 9843653280

Temple at the base of the Brahmarishi Hill

The first Kaganeswarar Temple (Kagapujanda – Annai Siddha  – Eswarar) was built in the Brahmarishi Hill. (Kagapujanda is the oldest of all the Siddhas. Annai Siddha is the name given to Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji by the most powerful deity in the Kolli Hill–Goddess Kolliyampavai)

The Maha Siddhargal Trust was founded by Siddha Rajkumar Guruji in the year 2000. The members of the trust uphold the values of compassion and charity.  They follow the path of the Siddhas, one in which you express these values  towards all living beings.

Deepam (Dec. 17th 2013)

Yagna, Pooja and Annadhanam at Kalahasthi Temple (November 2013)
Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji performs Pooja
Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji performs Pooja

Siddha Raj Kumar Guruji performs Pooja
Food to be served
Offering Robes to Monks
Sacred Pond

Construction of Wall around Kagannai Eswarar Temple at Brammarishi Hills

Deepavali (2013)
diwali (18)

diwali (17)

diwali (14)

diwali (12)

diwali (13)

diwali (8)

diwali (9)

Kagannai Eswarar
Kagannai Eswarar

Gomatha Pooja for 51 days (2013)

Gomatha Pooja




Gomatha Pooja

Papanasam Temple

Raj Kumar Swami inaugurates Yagna

Raj Kumar Swami inaugurates Yagna

Nambi Hill Trip (April 2013)



Starting Yagna

Starting Yagna

Maha Yagna

Maha Yagna

Mass Feeding

Mass Feeding

Sivarathiri (March 10th 2013) in Brammarishi Hills
C 1





Gomatha Pooja

Siddha Rajkumar Swami performs Gomatha Pooja
photo (29)
photo (30)

Thai Pongal Charity at Brammarishi Hills
photo (27)
A 1

A 2

A 4

Charity at Anaimalai (on the day after Thai Pongal)
photo (26)
photo (28)

Maha Karthigai Deepam (27th Nov. 2012)
Deepam Procession of Elephant
C 4

Deepa Arathi by Siddha Raj Kumar Swami
C 5
C 6

Deepam Atop Brammarishi Hills
B 5

Maha Kumbabishegam of Sri Kaganeswarar Temple

Maha Sivarathri on the 20th of March 2012

SiddhaYagnas were performed four times from 6:30 PM to 4:00 AM on Maha Sivarathri. Gaja Pooja and Go Pooja were also performed. Sadhus were given robes and needy school children were given school supplies. Nearly 1000 people were fed

Thai Pongal on the 15th of January 2012

Maha Karthigai Deepam (8th Dec. 2011)


  1. gratitude mathaji!

  2. where is Sree Thalayaati Siddhar” samadhi ?

    • The Samadhi is near Perambalur old bus stand in the heart of the city. 10 km from Brammarishi Hills

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