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I met my first guru Gayathri Siddhar Swami Murugesu in 1991 in Sri Lanka. As a result of my unquestionable devotion, I thus surrendered myself to my guru, receiving divine messages and guidance from him like water flowing from a tap. Seven years after my service with him in his ashram, I left the only country I had called home to live in the US for personal reasons. When I came back to Sri Lanka in 2007 to continue my services with him, I found him seriously ill and admitted to a hospital in India. Six months later he attained Maha Samadhi in India and his holy remains were laid to rest in the meditation hall in the temple in Sri Lanka. On the day his remains were brought into the meditation hall, before even I could see him in the crowd, I had an unusual experience. An enormous energy that felt like lightning entered my body through my right and left leg. Instantly, I was elated to a level of supreme consciousness and felt my mind clear. I realized Swami had gone to a higher plane.

My question was if that was the case, why then was everybody crying?

After forty-eight days of pooja and prayers, his statue was installed in his Samadhi. On the forty-eight day I started receiving messages from him. One of them was to go to India. At the end of January 2008 I went to India and met with Raj Kumar Swami. A week later I followed him to the spiritually vibrant Brammarishi Hills. Raj Kumar Swami said that he knew that I was coming as he had a vision of me six month earlier. According to Raj Kumar Swami I had to progress in my spiritual life further and that was the reason why Murugesu Swamil led me to Brammarishi Hills. That same day, I witnessed Murugesu Swami come to me in my dreams and I knew he was confirming it.

This was the first question posed by Raj Kumar Swami:

“Who is  guru?”

He answered: “A guru is someone or something which will impart knowledge. It can be a person or even a book. Do not give a human form or figure for your guru, because your guru, as well as all the rishis and siddhas, do not take a form. They are composed of light or jothi. You worship them in the physical form of light and the privilege they grant you in your veneration will be blessings not only from Swami Murugesu but also from all the rishis and siddhas.

I remember my first day in Brammarishi Hills vividly. Yagna (Agni – fire- worship) is performed in the evening for Siddhas every day. Soon after the yagna Raj Kumar Swami asked me to sit under the sacred Bo Tree behind the temple facing the hills. The moment I closed my eyes to meditate I saw a group of Siddhas with jada (long hair) and kavi vasthram went pass me.

People from all walks of life have felt the presence of siddhas in Brammarishi Hills. I enjoyed every moment of my life in Brammarishi Hills.

What is spiritual life?

It is a life in which you are completely at peace with yourself. You live in that moment without thinking about the past or experiencing any anxiety or fear of the future. This will help you to observe what is going on around you. One needs to have tremendous courage to be in this state. The spiritualist finds the courage within him. We have an enormous energy within ourselves. We can call it nature or even God. We need to believe in this energy. This is also called surrendering to God.

Do we need a guru?

A guru is someone or something which will impart knowledge. It can be a person or even a book. You can meditate to realize God but it may take many years. A guru can help you to realize God faster. One has to be very fortunate to meet true masters. It is believed that if you truly seek a Guru you will get the right Guru. I remember when I was sixteen years old I prayed to my favorite deity Lord Shiva to bless me to do his divine service. May be he heard my prayers. I met my guru Gayathri Siddha Murugesu Swami when I was 31 years old. After meeting my guru, I was rejuvenated.  My dedication was so intense that I was connected to him spiritually and mentally to such an extent that one cannot imagine my devotion. After he attained Samadhi, he enlightened me to go to the next stage of my spiritual development and to another great Siddha Raj Kumar Swami in India.

Sri Kuberalakshmi Yagna in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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